“You look like you need another beer!”

Beside me, some stoned guy with a Hangover t-shirt was eagerly trying to get in my pants. I noticed he had a cold sore on his upper lip and was trying to hide it by smacking his lips together, ‘seductively’. I was trying really hard not to laugh at this poor guy, who probably only wanted to have a good time at this lame dorm party. But unfortunately for him, I wasn’t interested.

“Sorry bud,” I smiled at him, flashing my teeth. I knew I was dangling myself in front of him, but honestly I liked having this guy chase after me. Felt a little reassuring to know that at least someone at this party, drunk or not, wanted me. “I’m not drinking beer.” I finished.

“Let’s get you something stronger then.”

Once I realized that those words hadn’t come out of the desperate guy’s mouth, I frowned to myself and turned around. I was in close proximity, and when I say close I mean close, with a tall blonde boy with gorgeous blue eyes. Normally, staring at his snapback, I’d be turned off by the typical frat boy look, but something in his confidence struck a nerve in me.

“What’s your name?” he asked in a thick Irish accent, before taking a sip from his red cup.

I cleared my throat over the thumping music, looking around the room of crowded college kids to see if anybody could see my obvious sudden lust for this guy. When I realized that everybody was simply too drunk to see me, I turned back to the boy in the hat.

“Y/N,” I said. I tried to keep my confidence and stood up taller, raising an eyebrow. “You’re Irish?”

“Nope, I’ve been doing impressions all night,” he winked.

“Oh, so you’re a smart ass,”

He scoffed. “You barely know me enough to make that assumption, love,”

“Likewise! D’you call everyone love?” I asked. I raised my cup to my mouth and then realized it was empty. Embarrassed, I slowly brought it back down and placed it on the table beside me.

He laughed at me and ignored my question. “You really do need a drink.”

I decided I wanted to play a game with this guy, dangle myself in front of him a little more seductively than the last guy. Slowly, I pushed my hair off my shoulder to one side and sighed. “I’m bored, and I can get my own drink.”

I caught his eyes widen with his smirk before I walked away and through the sea of sweaty bodies to the other side of the living room. Once there, I found a mini cooler with some bottles of various kinds of alcohol. I took my pick of Sour Puss and poured myself half a cup of it, adding some Fresca to it.

“Hey, Y/N!” I turned my head and saw my friend Amy coming over, her forehead sweaty and eyes red. “Come dance with us!”

I noticed someone had turned the music up louder to some old school Usher and smiled to myself. One of the best things about my campus was the kids there who loved older music. Of course, I use the term older loosely, but still, it was fun.

I shrugged and followed behind her sashaying hips and long black hair, holding my drink up high. Joining her in the middle of the crowd, we danced together to the beat, letting the bass fill my ears and thump to the rhythm of my own drunken heart. I swayed my hips and shook my hair, letting out any frustration I’d had and almost forgetting about the cute Irish boy from five minutes ago.

“I love this song!” I shouted to Amy, who simply grinned back and started grinding on some drunken guy. I groaned to myself and turned around, right into a familiar boy’s arms.

Immediately he attached his hands to my hips and leant in, his breath on my ear. “You’re a sexy dancer, you know that?”

My cheeks flushed and I wrapped my arms around his neck, holding my drink behind him. “I didn’t quite catch your name earlier,” I said into his ear, making sure to lightly brush my lips against his skin.

His hands squeezed my hips at the impact and I grinned to myself. “Niall,” he responded. “It’s Niall.”

“Hmm, Niall…” I sighed, slightly pressing my hips against his. “Cute name.”

“Okay, I’ve had enough,”

Niall pushed me back suddenly so that he could face me, his eyes glistening partly from the alcohol but mostly from lust. Neither of us said anything, we just stared at each other in competition to see who’d win, who would give in and kiss the other first.

I held on to my game, not giving in but instead biting my lip and narrowing my eyes at him. Niall stared at my mouth, and the pressure of his hands on my waist loosened until finally he let go of me completely. I was almost disappointed, thinking he had gotten bored of me entirely, until he grabbed my free hand and pulled me back through the crowd of people.

I had to walk faster to keep up with him as he tugged me behind him. Somewhere along the way I put my drink down on a coffee table, where it fell from my lack of attention but I didn’t care. My heart was racing, my hand sweaty in his and I stared at his back while I followed him, imagining his strong shoulders hovering over me while he fucked me.

Finally we reached a bedroom, where he pulled me inside and I kicked the door closed behind us. I could already tell this would be difficult because it was obvious we were both the dominating type.

Niall must have read my mind, forcefully pushing me against the wall, his hips slamming into mine. His arms propped up on either side of my head while he stared at me. “Let’s get one thing straight,” he said. “Tonight I’m in charge.”

I began to laugh but he narrowed his eyes at me and I stopped. “I’m gonna make you scream my name for all these idiots to hear, and I’m not letting you stop until I say so. Clear?”

Between my legs a fire was building. If Niall wanted to take me, really take me, I needed it to be now. I nodded my head to him before smashing my lips onto his, wrapping my arms around his neck and kissing him harder than I’ve ever kissed anyone before.

His tongue played with mine while he pushed his knee between my legs and hiked it up between my thighs. I moaned into his mouth while his hands ripped my shirt off over my head and his fingers quickly went to my bra.

My hands roamed the back of his neck before reaching up and throwing off his hat. This seemed to fuel his anger and lust, causing him to spin me around so suddenly I almost lost balance. I squealed into his lips and he threw me onto the bed, standing over me and surveying my body.

“You’re so fucking hot,” he growled.

I blushed in response and leant up on my elbows, watching him peel off his shirt. It was my turn to admire his body; his toned arms and faint six pack. I bit my lip hungrily. “You’re not so bad yourself,” I muttered.

Niall smirked and bent over me, placing his lips on mine and his hands on both sides of me. His kiss moved down my jawline, to my neck and collarbone where sucked on my sweet spot. I gasped and clung to his back, arching my neck back.

His hands were attacking my jeans, unbuttoning them and ripping them off, throwing them in a corner with my underwear. He knelt between my legs, his hands spreading them apart forcefully and his eyes on me. “How many times do you think I can make you come?” he asked.

I let out an exhausted breath and gaped at him. “What?”

“Let’s see…” he said to himself, focusing his eyes back on my core. I watched in awe while his lips trailed softly from my pelvic bone to the inside of my thighs. The hairs on my arms stood up and I felt myself dripping in anticipation.

When his tongue reached my clit, it was so sudden and warm that my fists curled in the sheets. I sucked in air while he licked me agonizingly slow. His mouth worked me into a sweat, his hands forcing my legs open and his nose brushing against me.

“Oh, oh god,” I moaned, feeling that warm sensation building in my stomach.

Niall reacted to my moans, licking faster and swirling his tongue around directly on the little bundle of nerves. It hit me quickly, suddenly, and I bucked my hips at him, pushing him into me more. His arm clamped down on my hips, pushing me down and not allowing me to squirm.

I cried out, feeling my whole body go numb in pleasure while his tongue attacked me aggressively. “Fuck!” I screamed and arched my neck, squeezing my eyes shut. Meanwhile Niall was moaning into me, the vibrations of his voice soothing my pleasure and adding to my screams.

When my high subsided, I was gasping for air and starting to sweat. My hair had fallen out of its bun and was now sprawled around my head on the pillow. I looked down at Niall, who was staring up at me with wet, pink lips.

“Again,” he said. He wasn’t asking, he was ordering.

I shook my head. I wasn’t sure I’d be able to last much longer if he kept doing this, and I wanted him in me so bad I was beginning to get impatient. “No,” I breathed. “Just fuck me,”

He grinned and shook his head. “Not yet, Y/N,”

I groaned while he crawled up my body and kissed me. I tasted myself on his lips, wrapping my arms around his neck and wanting more of his kiss. But he was having none of that, and instead used one of his large hands to hold my wrists together above my head. His lips sucked on my neck while his free hand crept between my legs and spread my folds apart. I gasped again, feeling his finger slowly insert itself into my wetness. I bucked my hips, loving the feeling of his finger. He kissed me again, hard, while he inserted another finger into me. I whined into his lips and he grinned, before he began pumping his hand in and out.

“Holy fuck,” I gasped and he laughed into my neck. He hand began to work faster, his fingers arching up and hitting my g-spot. My chest arched into him and I cried out, my second orgasm hitting me much faster and harder than the last one.

“You’re so tight,” Niall groaned in my ear. His words spurred me on and I moaned, my body twitching and breathing hard. I was a hot sweaty mess in his arms and all I wanted was for him to fuck me. But he still wouldn’t.

“Third time’s a charm?” he breathed, kissing my body and trailing all the way back down to my center.

I moaned, just knowing what he was doing, and closed my eyes. I wasn’t even done recuperating from my last two orgasms when his tongue hit me, again. I was much more sensitive this time. “Niall!” I gasped as his fingers began to work in me again, while he mouth devoured me.

I couldn’t handle it. My fists grabbed the sheets, my hair clung to my face and I almost thought I would pass out from lack of oxygen. I couldn’t even hold my legs open anymore; instead he grabbed them and quickly threw them over his shoulders before getting back to work.

My third orgasm was the worst, in the best kind of ways. His mouth, his fingers were a work of art and he had me screaming his name in no time. My walls tightened around his fingers and this time he let me arch my back, bucking my hips into him. I felt the juices pouring out of me and onto his hand, my vision blurring and body contracting with my pleasure.

“Holy shit!” was all I managed to gasp out before collapsing back into a still position, drained of all my energy. I hoped he was happy, the bastard, now I had no will left to climb on top of him and fuck him silly when I could barely breathe.

Niall crawled up over me, licking his fingers clean and kissing me. This time the kiss was gentler though, his hand pulling the hair away from my forehead. “I love to see you so helpless,” he said.

“Asshole,” I breathed.

He chuckled boyishly. I had mustered enough energy back to push him off me and roll on top of him. I winced, feeling the sensitivity between my legs rub against his jeans. His eyes watched me while I worked on getting his pants off, rolling his briefs off with them. His erection stood proud and I licked my lips, satisfied with his length.

Looking up at him, I could see the confident boy who had made me come three times in a row was now the one with an adorable blush on his face. My ego inflated and I kissed the tip of his member, causing him to suck in a breath. I hummed softly, wrapping my lips around him and slowly circling my tongue around him. He groaned, throwing his head back into the pillow while his hand grabbed a fistful of my hair, guiding me.

I bobbed up and down faster, feeling the veins throbbing from his dick and massaging his balls with my hands. He cursed, his hips thrusting into me, almost causing me to gag. I began to suck faster, moaning around him and making sure the vibrations pushed him over the edge.

It worked, and quickly. He must have been holding it in for a while. Niall gasped, his eyes locking on mine while I sucked him, feeling him twitch in my mouth. It was my turn to torture him, knowing that he would have no choice but to come now, and also come inside me later.

My jaw worked its magic, my tongue swirling around him and my lips moving up and down faster. He moaned out suddenly and I felt it, him releasing himself into my mouth. I swallowed all of it while his hand loosened in my hair before collapsing down on the bed.

I sucked him off with a pop and kissed his pelvic bone, up his abs and finally reaching his neck, sucking on his skin and leaving a mark. He panted beneath me, and I kissed him, my hands tangling in his hair. Niall moaned in my mouth and I felt his still erect penis throbbing against my thigh.

He flipped us over one last time, spreading my legs and pinning my hands down beside my head. We were both quiet, staring at each other while he entered me. My mouth hung open while I felt him filling me up, stretching me. It was almost painful, but it subsided once he was all the way in.

Niall bent down to kiss me again, hard, while he started to thrust. My hands clung tight in his while his hips worked at a smooth pace. The feeling was indescribable, and once he hit that spot inside me I cried out suddenly into his kiss.

His head buried in my neck and his thrusts became more vigorous. My breathing quickened and I felt Niall’s hands squeezing mine tighter, his breath hot on my neck.

“Fuck, Niall, oh god. Faster!”

He listened and began fucking me as hard as he could. My legs wrapped around his waist and I shut my eyes, feeling that familiar tingling sensation creep up my spine.

Niall moaned. “Uhg, I’m gonna-”

I screamed suddenly when it hit me; our bodies seemed connected and we came at the same time, our hands clinging to each other as though we’d never let go. I felt him release into me while he bit my neck softly, my walls tightening around him. His breathing became adorable struggling gasps in my neck.

My legs fell back to the bed, and Niall’s thrusts slowed until they stopped completely. He stayed in me for a moment, his lips lingering over mine before he rolled over and lay down beside me. We rested there for a few minutes, our chests heaving up and down, our bodies sweaty and exhausted.

Once time had passed and we were both back to our regular breathing patterns, Niall cleared his throat and turned his head to look at me. I stared back him, taking in those gorgeous blue eyes again.

“So um,” he said. His dominate, confident façade seemed lost and he looked quite shy. “D’you want to get a coffee sometime, or something?”

I couldn’t help the grin that appeared on my face. “I would love to.”

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Math’s Class Delight- HARRY STYLES

I made my way to the math class. It was the first class of the semester I was going to share with some people I really didn’t like, including Harry Styles. He was part of a group of people who were always loud, needy for attention, and made life hard for some of the people who didn’t meet up to their standards, or who stood out of the crowd in a negative way. I wasn’t one of his usual victims, which made me very grateful. I wasn’t popular, but I also wasn’t one of the nerdy kids at class. I just kinda went by, day by day, trying to fit in. Sometimes I felt like the invisible girl.

Still, I feared him. There was something about the intense gaze of his eyes, that made me shiver and quickly look away if I ever happened to see him around school. When I took my seat and saw him lazily walking into the class, I immediately started pretending I was occupied, browsing through my notebook, hoping he would pay no attention to me. I felt him looking at me, and my cheeks started burning. He threw his bag on the table, sitting next to me, streching his arms behind his neck, leaning backwards in the chair. I could feel him looking at me, and I felt like escaping. My hands started shaking slightly.
“I’m assuming the seat isnt taken?”, he said, almost softly, but he wasn’t fooling me. Something about the way he said it made me think that he wouldn’t care, even if it was.

“It’s not”, I answered. My voice sounded strange even in my own ears. I saw Harry grin his usual half-sided grin, still refusing to look away. It was like he knew how uncomfortable his staring made me, and he was enjoying it. I He started shifting his chair closer to me, and froze.

“Okay class, we are starting”, the teacher began, and I sighed in relief. I was in class. There was nothing Harry could do to me, not here. I was safe, there were other people around me. I had nothing to worry about. I took my pen and relaxed a little, when I felt some pressure on my thigh. I practically jumped in my seat, causing some people near me to give me weird looks. I heard Harry giggling quietly on my side, as his hand roamed closer to my core. He leaned in so close, I could feel his breath tickling my face.

“Thank god you’re wearing a skirt… It makes things a lot easier for me. Although, I do enjoy a challenge”, he whispered huskily. I felt myself starting to get a little angry. Who the fuck did he think he was, making a pass at me during a class? I found some braveness in me I didn’t know I had, and tried to slap his hand away. I caught him by surprise, but he quickly grabbed my wrist. His hand was so huge it made my hand look ridicilously small in comparison. I felt strangely powerless all of the sudden.

“Don’t even think of playing any games with me. Keep in mind you’re going to be sharing a lot of my classes with me this semester. I can make your life very difficult”, he growled, lowering his voice so that only I heard him. I knew he was right, and I felt myself crumbling, just thinking about all the ways he coul torment me. I felt like I was having a nightmare, and I was desperate to wake up. Harry’s hand continued to travel around my lower body, and I felt his fingers creeping underneath my skirt. I made a weak attemp to move my chair away from him, but he grabbed it with his other hand, keeping it in place. I sighed, as he just smiled at me wickedly.

“You know, most girls wouldn’t find this that bad. Just let it go and relax. I’ll make you enjoy it.” He said, brushing his lips briefly against my neck, making me shiver, this time with a hint of pleasure. My heart was beating so fast I could hear the beat in my ears, like a rhythm, as Harry’s fingertips tickled the skin on my inner thighs. I felt strangely sensitive, almost sensual. Wait, was I starting to enjoy it a little?

“Y/N….”, Harry sighed in my ear. I took a quick glance at him, and noticed the huge bulge in his tight jeans. I gulped, feeling the familiar tingling in my core. I shifted uncomfortably in my chair and rubbed my thighs together unconciously, but Harry’s strong hand forced them open. “Let me”, he pleaded, his hand moving against the lace material of my panties. I gasped hard, covering my mouth.

“Miss Y/N?” The teacher called out, looking at me worriedly. I saw him take a quick look at Harry, and I knew, that he was wary of him. Harry was known to be a bully, and he often caused trouble in classes. “Is Mr. Styles bothering you? Should he change seats?”

I felt Harry staring at me, anxiously waiting for my reply. This was my chance to get him off me, and go back to normal.

“N-no, everything is ok”, I stuttered. The teacher gave me a long look, but finally turned his back to write on the blackboard. I saw Harry grinning next to me, raising his other eyebrow. I knew he was surprised, but he couldn’t be nearly as surprised as I was. This time I opened my own legs as an invite, and blushed violently at my own actions. Soon enough, Harry’s hand was exploring me again. I felt him push my panties aside as his finger glided slowly against my folds. The feeling was unlike anything I had ever experienced and I had a hard time keeping in my moans. Another finger was placed, now against my clit, as he started making small circles, each one sending intense pleasure through my whole body. The feeling was so powerful I was almost shaking, a knot forming inside my stomache.

The way Harry worked his fingers was slowly driving me insane. It was like he knew my own body better myself, showing me new sides of it I didn’t know existed. He applied just the right pressure just at the right spot and I was close to losing it, losing myself to him. I couldn’t hold back anymore, and grinded myself hungrily against his fingers. I needed more of him - I was aching for release.

I felt him slowly move a finger to my entrance, and push it inside. My walls clamped around his finger, in odd of the new sensation. I heard him grunt next to me. “So fucking tight”, he hissed in my ear. I whimpered, quiet enough for only him to hear, as he added another digit. Now it was two fingers, and I felt a small discomfort. His fingers were much bigger and longer than mine, and I had never been stretched like this before. He sensed the change in my body, and quickly rubbed my clit with his other fingers, moving the ones inside me, trying to find my sweet spot. When the tip of his fingers finally hit it, I felt my toes curl and I bit my lip, desperately trying to keep myself quiet.

Harry started fucking me with his fingersr roughly as he applied more pressure to my clit, nearly sending me off the edge. I started to feel my wave of pleasure taking over, slowly starting to spread through my whole body. My walls started clenching against his fingers and he quickly moved his other hand over my mouth, just in time to cover my moan. I completely forgot where I was, riding out my high, my eyes closed, rocking my hips against his fingers.
When I finally recovered enough to open my eyes, Harry pulled his hand away, lifting his hand on the table, in front of him. I watched him in awe, as he grinned, and slowly began to lick each one of his fingers clean, his eyes never leaving mine. When the bell rang as a sign that the class was over, I fully realized what just happened. I looked around, but no one had seemed to notice anything weird. My legs were still so shaky I could barely stand up to collect my things, when I felt Harry towering over me.

“That was fun, eh? I knew you would like it.”

I nodded awkwardly, not knowing what to say.

“I hope you realize what this means tho,” he added, swinging his bag on his shoulder. I looked at him, confused.

“You owe me, Y/N”, he said cheerfully, leaving the class, giving me one last look over his shoulder.

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havingfunbeingsingle asked: Can I please have an imagine with Niall? It would mean a lot to me if you could!!!!


Trapped With Him-

“Hey, what the hell!” you scream, while Harry and Louis lift you up as if you were nothing.

They don’t answer but soon you’re placed in a small closet, next to Niall, He absolutely hated you, but the feeling was most definitely mutual. The two of you couldn’t be in the same room for just a second without getting into an argument.

The four boys stood at the doorway of the small closet, blocking it while we both pleaded to be let out.

“You guys need to learn how to get along,” said Zayn, leaning against the door frame with a devilish grin.

You rolled your eyes. “Don’t do this to me.”

“You guys can’t do this,” Niall mumbled, attempting to get past them. They ended up just pushing him back to where he was.

“You guys constantly fight. So now you’re being forced to communicate and when you guys like each other, you’ll be let out,” Harry smirked a little while the boys’ gazes shifted between the two of you. “Have fun.”

And with that, the door was closed, leaving you and Niall in the poorly lit up closet.

“This is all your fault,” you mumble angrily, slipping against the wall, frustrated.

“How the hell is it my fault?” He snaps back, leaning against the opposite wall.

“You start all of our fights, all of them!” you sigh, running your hands through your hair with stress.

“Oh, and you don’t start any fights?” Niall laughed harshly.

“Well, no,” you say with a small smile, loving the fact that you were easily ticking him off.

“You just started this one!” he seemed so annoyed and it pleasured you to no end.

“Well I’m not going to live in this tiny closet with you, so just we’ll just leave each other alone and maybe they’ll let us out,” you say whilst leaning your head against the wall and sighing.

“Anything that’ll get me out of here,” Niall mumbled.

“Good. So shut up,” you say angrily.

“You’re the one who’s talking, love,” Niall placed a sarcastic twinge on love, sounding very clearly annoyed with you.

“I hate you,” You say coldly.

“I hate you too,” Nail said, his tone matching your icy one.

It was silent for a while. Niall was sitting against the opposite wall now, playing with the hem of his white t-shirt, bored. You couldn’t help but notice how attractive he was now that you were getting a good look at him. His disheveled mess of light brown hair, his rough cheekbones and his calm sea colored eyes.

Your eyes fumble with the doorknob of the closet, but it was completely locked. “What gave them the idea to do this?” you say after a long while of silence, getting more and more agitated by the minute at the lack of space in the tiny room.

“Hm, I’m not sure,” he replied, sighing heavily. “Maybe because we can’t fucking last two seconds without fighting.”

“It’s because you’re so annoying!” you shout, not really knowing why you’re getting so easily irritated. You guessed that you enjoyed seeing him angry, because his eyebrows furrowed and his cute little face crinkled with annoyance. It was adorable. Though you couldn’t help but feel the slightest bit bad that you were doing this.

“And you’re not annoying?” he questioned loudly.

“No, but you are,” you protest.

You can see him getting easily frustrated. Your lips curl up the slightest bit while he watches you, his eyes burning deep into the depths of yours, something going through his mind but you weren’t sure of what it was.

“Say that again,” he said in a low, daring voice.

“You’re annoying,” you say confidently. “And obnoxious. And really bad at winning fights,” you laugh a little to yourself at the last part.

He suddenly pins you up against the wall, your heart pounds against your chest while you stare up into his eyes, his face just inches away from yours. You swallow hard, your breath gaining speed while his hands grip your wrists, bringing them up beside either side of your head.

“Is that so,” he whispers huskily, his lips just touching the sensitive area of your earlobe. You gasp when he takes it in his teeth, nibbling it a little bit.

He presses against you, while you swallow again and nod. “Y-Yes, you’re terrible at winning fights.” His lips are dangerously close to yours at this moment, you were still frightened but you were actually quite enjoying this moment.

“I’m not terrible at winning fights,” he says softly, his hot breath seething against your lips. He flicks his tongue over his own lips, wetting them before slamming his lips against yours hard.

You press yourself even tighter against his body, your lips immediately meeting in the angry sync they were moving in. He slammed your hands against the wall again, his fingers still intertwined with yours while he immediately deepened the kiss after the action, his head dipping while his tongue slid into your mouth.

Your tongue slipped against his roughly, while you felt him hardening and rising against your stomach. His hands released yours while immediately your fingers fumbled with his t-shirt, pulling it off and tossing it so your hands could touch the warm, tanned skin of his slightly toned chest.

Your fingers moved up and down his biceps while he tossed your shirt off, unclasping your bra and dropping it to the ground. You felt him get even more hard against you while he stared at you, his breath heavy as he pulled from the restraints of the kiss.

He lifted you up more against the wall while he took your nipple in his mouth, swirling his tongue around the nub before soon taking it in his mouth. Your hands tangled in his hair, while you let out a throaty moan.

“N-Niall” releases from your lips while you gently tug down his sweatpants, releasing his prominent bulge begging for release against his boxers. You loop your fingers around the waistband and slip them down his legs while he kicks them off, you wrap your fingers around the head while slowly rubbing it gently.

He rolls his head back. “Fuck,” he whispers softly, while you press your fingers gently around his length, pumping him in a painfully slow motion. “Sam” he breathes, his head dropping against your shoulder. “I need to be inside you,” he breathes heavily.

You teasingly smirk. “Then do it already.”

He slides your shorts down with your panties and quickly cups his hands under your thighs, pulling you up against the wall more while he slowly presses his tip against your entrance.

You needed him though. You pull yourself downward, allowing yourself to sink into his length while you let out a struggled gasp along with a whimper at the sharp pain that singed through you.

“You ok?” he asked, his fingers slipping around your hips while he brought his eyes to yours curiously.

“Y-yes,” you answer after a while, before he presses his hips against you to push himself even further, earning a heavy moan from you.

“Oh, fuck,” you scream while he pulls out and then thrusts himself back in, hitting himself even deeper with each roll of his hips. “What the hell! Don’t stop!” you demand, wanting to get an angry reaction out of him.

And that’s exactly what you got out of him. He wrapped your legs around his waist and sharply thrust his hips against yours, quickly, just barely giving you time to adjust before he quickly guides your hips against him. You both moan louder and louder each time, not even caring that the other boys could be back by now.

“N-Nail,!” You stutter, while you open your eyes to him watching you writhe against his thrusts with pleasure.

He hisses through his teeth, while he pounded into you even harder.

“Sam” he groaned, dragging your name out. You felt him spill into you, his warmth filling you up completely.

He thrust a few more times, his thumb pressing against your clit while you snake your arms around his neck, throwing your head while you felt yourself spill around his length.

You were both breathing heavily, he was panting the most while he pulled out of you. You stumbled to walk but you felt yourself sore, while he tossed you your clothes and pulled his clothes on.

“I still hate you,” you pant, leaning up to fix his hair.

“I still hate you too,” he smirked before he pulled you into him and pressed his lips against yours.

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My boyfriends Being a dickhead:(

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Ino my nans been ill, I’ll post a few imagines later if I have the time - dani

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thatonejnationgirl asked: Can i have a dirty imagine with harry or niall. Or bothh?? ;) My name is mendy. Thanks.


It’s Just A Game- HARRY STYLES.

“Why are you going to New York?” Kiall asked me.. for the second time, “you said you wouldn’t go back for a long time since you’ve been in London?”

“Well, yeah.. I know but I just wanna go.. visit my family, you know,” I could not possibly tell my best friends the real reasons I was going. I love them to death but honestly, they could keep a secret about as well as Kim Kardashian could keep her marriage.

“Oh, come on, Hale, you know why she’s going,” I kept packing my suitcase, awaiting one of her crazy theories, “She’s going to follow her boyfriend Harry Styles.” Wide-eyed I froze, not knowing how to respond. How did she know?

“She can’t wait to just run into his arms ‘Oh, Harold, how we’re meant to be! So meant to be!’” Apparently, I make weird faces and speak exactly like this.

“Haha, don’t play games with her mind, Alice, you know how emotional she gets!” She rolled her eyes, “She’s been “in love” with him since they debuted in America. She’s sorry, Blazer, we won’t bring up your idol anymore.” That was a close one, for a minute there I thought things were serious.

“Thanks,” I smiled clamping my suitcase shut. I exhaled, I finally get some more time with my boyfriend.. Harry. For obvious reasons, we haven’t told anyone yet, I don’t even think the boys know. I know girls all over the world would be ready to murder me, but that actually isn’t even my concern as it is Harry’s. He just doesn’t want to see me cry or get hurt or threatened. To be quite honest.. a bunch of girls saying means things about me? Sounds like high school drama and guess what I didn’t give a fuck then and now I’m dating Harry Styles so I could give even less of a fuck, if that were possible, now. But whatever lets him sleep at night.

The girls were driving me to the airport and would pick me up a day after MSG. Where I’d go on and on about seeing my parents how they’d want to meet them, my best friends, in person one day and how I stuff my face with street food and went to the top of the Empire State Building. They wanna know how unbelievable One Direction was at their biggest concert ever. I was proud of them, so proud of Harry.

Luckily for me, I’d made it just in time for boarding and of course Harry wouldn’t let me buy my own ticket so I had awesome seats. I chose the window seat so I could just sleep entire ride, well if I could, I was so anxious and nervous and excited all at once. We were waiting to take off. My hands began shaking, what if I’m found out in New York? I took out my phone and began scrolling through my photos. Harry and me. I slid into a comfier position in my seat, scrolling, smiling silently to myself. I hadn’t noticed the older woman who sat next to me.

“What a fox that one is,” startled I sat up, almost felt as though I’d been caught doing something I shouldn’t had been. She was looking at me slyly.

“Haha, uh, thanks?” I don’t know how one responds to their boyfriend being called a fox.

“Seems quite the charmer,” she said nodding her head as she settled into the seat next to me. “You look happy,” she continued, smiling.

“We are,” I sighed, finding my own anxieties quieted, I could relax now.

“Well, it shows. How could anyone keep that kind of happiness a secret, anyway?” she asked in an odd movie-old-lady-wisdom type way. I only smiled at her, turning my head away, looking out the window. I’d see my love soon enough.


I breathed in the not-so-fresh New York air. Yup, I was back. I looked through the cab window at all the skyscrapers towering over me in my city. I texted Harry letting him know I was nearly there. The closer we got to the hotel, the faster my heart began racing as it always did when I’ve spent a long time away from Harry. I missed him so much. I wrangled my beanie in my nervous hands. Just another ten minutes and I’d be properly in his arms, breathing him in, feeling every inch of him as I should be. I exhaled at the thought.

“Sorry, I don’t control the traffic, miss,” he must have taken my sigh as impatience.

“Oh, no! No, I was just thinking..Thank you for taking me,” I smiled at him through the rear view mirror.

“It’s those boys in town, from England, the city always gets crazy when they come,” he shrugged. “One Perfection or something, you heard of them?”

“Haha, One Direction, yes I have.”

“Yeah, man, they’re good, they come on the radio a lot, my favorite’s the curly dude with the tats.‘You’re my kryptonite!’ y’know what I’m sayin, ma,” this man actually just sang a One Direction lyric.

“He’s my favorite, too” I laughed, I forgot how much I loved New York, the people.

“They’re playin at that arena downtown in a few days, you in town for that?”

“Yes, sir, I am.” I glanced out the window as he turned one more corner and we were on the street of the hotel. My heart momentarily tamed by this light conversation, began pounding, I’m sure the driver heard it.

“Well, it looks like you’re gonna have to get out down here, all those people. That’ll be 45.50, hey don’t get into any trouble up here.” he warned me jokingly as he got out the car to retrieve my luggage. He passed it to me, extending the handle. I paid him before responding,

“I’ll try! Thank you!” I shut the door of the cab, placing my beanie back on my head and pulling my shades from my bag. I tried to calm myself as I walked towards the hotel. Geez, there had to be a hundred girls out here. Oh, Gosh, what if they already know and they try to kill me. Right here. Right now.

I swallowed, not allowing my imagination to break me down before I even get inside the walls of the hotel. Hopefully, they don’t refrain me from entering, I am rather small… maybe if I keep a straight face. I reached the mass of carrots. How the hell was I going to get in. I struggled with nearly 25 girls trying to reach the front, but being small had it’s advantages and magically I ended up in the front. I held onto my paperwork tightly, it was my verification of my stay at the hotel.

“Tell Harry to break up with Taylor!’

“I don’t like Haylor!” Random cries about Harry and Taylor were made. Harry and Taylor.. as in Swift. How do-

“Ma’am, I don’t think you can get through,” One security guard was giving me a hard time, but I saw a hand come from behind him tapping his shoulder, “She’s clear.” It was Paul.

“Thank you,” I said gratefully. I really didn’t want to stand in the cold any longer with these nearly-insane girls who had already began yelling because I got through. Paul guided me to the doors and held them open for me, “thank you,” I said smiling.

He smiled back extending a card to me, “he’s in room 417.” I froze. That’s Harry’s room.

“I.. How did-”

“Go on,” he interrupted smiling, gesturing towards the elevators.

“Thank you,” I squeezed his arm in gratitude before walking away. There was so much relief flooding over me at the realization that I didn’t have to hide from everyone, even if it was just Paul on our side.

I reached his floor. I hadn’t seen him in 2 weeks. I could literally hear every artery extended from my heart thumping with blood, trying to keep me erect.

412.. 414…416..418? I whirled around to face the left hall, confronted by room 417. I knocked before sticking in the door key. I felt the grin on my face grow as the door opened from the other side. Quickly, I was snatched into the most warm, most relaxing and comfortable loving hug I’d ever experienced. I wanted to wrap my arms around him, but they were pinned to my sides by his own strong arms. He kissed me below my left ear before whispering into my ear, “I missed you,” quickly dismissing any and all anxieties.

I inhaled deeply, I missed beyond reason. I wanted to tell him how many times I scrolled through photos of us at night, wishing he could hold me, or when I’d spray his cologne everywhere just to imagine he was in the house with me. I wanted to describe how hard it was and how I never wanted to feel that ever again. But none of it mattered in his arms, all I could sigh was “I missed you, too.”

When he finally released me, he held me by my elbows, forearms width apart from each other, a small smile at the right corner of his mouth. I watched as his eyes surveyed me from head to toe, memorizing me all over again, seeing if anything has changed, carrying me within one single overlook. His smile widened as his eyes reached mine again, “God, I missed you, Y/N.” his expression changed to concern in a second, “Babe, you’ve got to be tired, should I run a bath for you?” he began pulling my luggage towards the closet, but he turned with a smirk upon his lips as he changed his question, “us?”

“Mm, a bath sounds great,” I purred stretching. I was literally so tired I could fall over and never wake up, but a bath put a little motivation into my step. I staggered over to the bed. As I plopped down, Harry returned from the bathroom and sat at my feet. He began unzipping my boots and tossing them to the side when someone knocked on the door lightly. He rolled his eyes as he rose to answer it.

He cracked it inconspicuously. I couldn’t hear whoever was at the door, but I heard Harry sigh and answer ‘okay, I’ll be down’ in an exasperated voice.

“Leaving so soon, babe,” I said with my best pouty face, looking up at him from under my lids. I grabbed his waist when he stood before me as he cupped my chin in his hands, and kissed my forehead.

“I promise I’ll be right back,” he responded somewhat disappointed. I wonder what that guy told him..

Harold was gone about 2 minutes, and my bath was going to get cold so I hopped in. It was perfectly heated, bubbles nice and fluffy, and .. where did he get scented candles from?

At first I closed my eyes, resting my neck on the back of the tub, soaking in the heat. I brought my knees up to my chest and leaned forward, burying my face in my arms wrapped around my knees; stretching out my back but also this was my thinking position. This is going to be a good week, I told myself.

I didn’t hear his return, but I felt Harry’s legs beside me and his arms wrap around me in the water. The extra body heat relaxed me further and I leaned back into him.

“What’re you thinking about,” he asked me quietly, while drawing figure eights on the steaming skin of my arm with the water.

“Not much, I’m just… happy to be here,” I snuggled under his chin. He kissed the back of my head.

“Come on, babe,” he sat us up and began massaging my neck and shoulders. He touched his lips to my ear, “talk to me.”

“It’s nothing, really, just something stupid the fans said outside,” I felt Harry’s drawing hand move slowly to my thigh, continuing the figure eights. Inching towards my center. I rested my elbow on the tub rink, my hand in his hair, twisting it. “I don’t believe it..” I trailed off as he used his fingers to enter me, rubbing my clit in the pattern of those same figure eights on my arm, on my thigh.

He drape his head over my shoulder, pressing his lips to my neck, my shoulder, brushing them against my jawline, before whispering, “Good, you shouldn’t.” He dipped two fingers inside me slowly, testing my walls. “You know,” he said casually, “I wouldn’t listen to anything the fans.. or media says.” He fucked me deeper with his fingers, unmoved by my movement, undissolved by my disarray.

When I came he kissed my back in the center, to the left, to the right, before gathering me up in his arms and strategically carrying me out of the tub, wrapping me in a towel and taking me to the bed. He sat me down, pecking my lips. I dried off, while he blew out the candles and drained the water, before coming to bed and holding me in his arms.

I knew he had to get ready to go to Connecticut for the concert at Mohegan Sun, and I wouldn’t see him for a few days, but as always he’d be back. With this comforting thought, I dozed off to sleep.

****Day of the MSG concert****

I’ve been walking around, popping in and out of shops for the past 3 hours trying to get lost in a city I know too well. Harry’s been in rehearsals all afternoon long. We had an amazing breakfast though, of course with early dessert. For him to be so close, yet intangible for this long is nerve racking.

I came upon a bench next to the zoo and sat there, scrolling through tumblr mindlessly drinking my pumpkin spice latte I got from Starbucks earlier. It’s amusing how I rant about Harry and they just assume that when I say ‘my man’ and ‘my baby’ it’s not at all literal and that I’m just a random Directioner ranting about him being away. My followers know me so well yet don’t know I’m dating Harry, and they just reblog all these photos of him or say all this stuff about the dirty things they’d do to him, and oh my, the fanfictions they write, smutty for sure. I stopped at a picture of Harry hugging a man dressed at the Statue of Liberty, and naturally a smile came to lighten my day. Beautiful man.

What the hell..

I scrolled to the next image. As I began to take in the entire photo. I realized this was a picture from today. He was wearing that same outfit when he left this morning. Soft blue top, green jacket, black knit beanie.. but these aren’t pictures from rehearsals. He’s .. he’s at the zoo.. with.. Taylor Swift?

Anger seethed through me, pulsing through my veins and engulfing my mind. He actually lied to me, straight to me. This was not okay. I looked around me to try to regain knowledge of my location after being lost in my thoughts for so long. I picked my bag and my coffee marched into the zoo. I slammed a twenty onto the counter at the entry window.

“Excuse me, miss don’t you want your change?!” the boy yelled after me. No, I don’t want my change. I want to squeeze her skinny neck.

Advantageously for me, I found them leaving the seals.

“Harry fuckin Edward Styles!” I yelled as I marched towards them. When I was close I stopped, “What kind of shit is this?!” I gestured toward Taylor.

I turned to her and in a lower voice “Excellent album, this year. Really, ‘I Knew you Were Trouble’,” I gave her a thumbs up, “great song, great vocals.”

“Oh, thank you, darlin,” she smiled confused at me.

“Yeah, yeah, Get the hell away from him!” my anger returned, “what do you even think you’re doing?!”

“Y/N, I can explain, it-” wide-eyed Harry began to justify his behavior. By now a crowd had gathered around, but I didn’t care

“I DON’T WANT TO HEAR IT! YOU LIED TO ME!” Freed from Taylor, he took a step towards me, arms extended, offering an explanation. I shook my head, I was suddenly beyond overwhelmed. I felt tears sting the back of my eyes and I wasn’t going to cry here. He wouldn’t be able to hurt me and also see how much damage was done. No. “I’m getting out of here, have fun with your new blonde bitch.” I waved, walking away quickly. Over my shoulder I yelled back, “‘Starlight’ was also a great song!”

“No, Y/N, please, stop!” I heard his footsteps walking after me, so I began to sprint towards the first exit I saw, while he was enveloped by the crowd of paparazzi. I hailed the first cab I saw and told the cabman my hotel address. I’d stay in my own hotel room, if I got there in time I could move my luggage.


I glanced through blurred vision as the screen of my phone. Harry was calling me. I ignored it as the first tear strolled down my face. When I reached the hotel, I sprinted inside, passing Paul who was jogging towards the entrance. When he saw me he whirled around, “Y/N, it’s not what you think, Har-”

“Harry cannot justify cheating on me.” I interrupted him as I jumped into the elevator, slamming on the ‘close door’ button several times. More tears fell down, but I wiped them away, not allowing anyone to see me this way that I passed in the hall. I quickly moved my bag from Harold’s room to my own, two doors down. I lay on my bed and cried.

A few what seemed to be hours later but was probably 15 minutes, I heard knocking at my door. I ran to the mirror hanging on the wall, wiped my face and cleared my throat so that it wouldn’t appear I’d been crying or upset.

“Yes?” I answered.

“Y/N, please, babe.. please come out, it’s not what it seems like, I promise.”

“You only didn’t want me to believe those fans so that you could get away with it!” I responded snidely. Anger began creeping at the seams of my mind again, threatening to pull them apart.

“No, open the door, babe, and I’ll tell you.”

I walked slowly to the door and laid my ear against it. I listened to his breathing, ragged, breathing but no breath. I didn’t open the door.

“Do you need your inhaler?”

“No, I’m fine.. just open the door, babe.” I heard a thud from the other side of the door as he set his head against it in quiet defeat.

“I think you can tell me from here, I can hear you perfectly, though I’m sure, Miss write-a-song-per-guy could hear you even better you know? She was after all right by your side.”

“Y/N, I ..I love you, I would never cheat on you and I did not and I will not.. ever. Look my managers just wanted something new for the media to talk about and they thought this was an idea. Nothing happened, I don’t like her, she’s not even mildly as attractive as you, babe.”

I snorted at his last remark. With a smirk I opened the door. I held it a foot wide, analyzing him, before I opened it wide so he could come in.

“Not even the tiniest bit more attractive,” I teased him. He laughed, picking me up by my thighs so that I was straddling his waist. My boots dropped to the floor, my arms rounded his neck as I looked into his eyes.

“Not even less than tiniest, the whole thing is for publicity, that’s what I was trying to hint at when I told you not to believe what the fans or the media said.” I reflected on that, I remember him saying that quite clearly. I kissed his lips, a peck, then stronger than a peck.

“Why not ‘Hey, Y/N, tomorrow I’m going to walk around the fuckin zoo with fuckin taylor swift and it’s a fuckin publicity stunt, so don’t get fuckin angry with me.’”

“I don’t know, but you sure are using fuckin a lot.”

“I’m trying to send a subliminal message, like you,” I teased him. He walked us towards the bed and tossed me onto it lightly before unbuttoning his shirt.

“It worked,” he smiled at me crookedly.

I pulled his neck down so his lips met mine. As I removed the rest of his shirt, he got to work on my jeans, ridding them as well as my shirt. I dragged my hand down his chest, grabbing his length and stroking it so he’d be ready for me, as I knew I already was. He flipped me on my side, holding one of my legs with his massive hand, and plunging into me deeply, slowly at first, but gaining rhythm and speed after my inner walls contoured to him once again. I needed this, to feel him inside me, part of me again. I could feel every inch of him reaching my center, reminding me he’s mine and I’m his. Every concern I had melted away into one built up pile of nerves. When Harry drove into me one more time, those nerves exploded, shaking my entire frame and pouring out of me, ridding me of worries.

As we lay there regaining our wind and strength, I remembered something.

“By the way, you’re roughly ten minutes late to rehearsal,”

“Oh, shit,” Harry jumped up and threw back on his jeans, “you’re coming right?”

“Of course,” I smiled at him, elated, finally everything was going as great as it should have been.

“Only this time,” he took my hands in his as when he’d strolled toward me, “we’re going together. You as my lovely girlfriend,” he interrupted himself to kiss my hands, “and not a random Directioner who rants about me.”

My jaw dropped. How did he-

“That’s right,” he said walking away to find his shoes, “I saw that post.” He picked them up and turned back to me, “I reblogged it.”

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I can’t even take it



I can’t even take it

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Please stop being so hot it’s killing me

Please stop being so hot it’s killing me

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One Direction 6Some

No ones POV

“It’s One Direction!” Alan Carr says as loudly as possible and the crowd screams as the boys walk down the stairs. They all greet Alan with a hug and walk over to the blue/green couch and sit down on it. Alan starts talking with the boys about what has been happening in their life and about their new album ‘Take Me Home.’ “Now boys, the last time you were here we talked about fan fiction, and how you do actually see it, right?” Alan says and the boys nod. “Well, I tweeted saying, send in your fan fiction and I’ll pick one and get you in to meet the boys next time they are on the show,” the boys nod and smile. “So, I was bombarded and I read some and I picked out one that was rather interesting,” Alan says, raising his eyebrows. “What was it about?” Harry asks in his slow husky voice. “I don’t think it’s appropriate to say so I’ll whisper it to you,” Alan takes his microphone off of his shirt and whispers to the boys, “the girl wrote a fan fiction of having a sixsome with you boys…” Alan laughs and sits back in his chair. All the boys were stunned and didn’t know what to do. “Is she here?” Liam asks and Alan nods. The interview goes on and they do another dance off, and of course, Alan wins again before it’s time to end the show. They go out the back and are about to go into the dressing room and Alan goes into his. In the dressing room is the girl who wrote the fan fiction. You.

Your POV

You wait nervously for the boys in their dressing room. Watching the interview on the tv that is in the dressing room. You freak out knowing that they knew you wrote a dirty fan fiction. But you’re thankful that Alan whispered it to the boys instead of telling the public. You wait a few more minutes on the couch before you see the door open. You shoot up from your seat and see the boys walk in. You start to breathe really heavy and stare at them, not knowing what to do. “Hi love,” Harry says, walking over to you and giving you a hug. You hug him back tightly, not so shocked anymore. Harry lets go of you and the other boys greet you with a hug.

“So, Alan told us about the fan fiction you wrote,” Harry says, smirking. “Um… I, uh…” you’re not too sure what to say, as this is the most awkward conversation you’ve ever had. “How badly do you want a sixsome with us?” Louis asks, winking. You get really nervous and look at the ground. “It’s okay babe. We can make it happen for you if you want?” Niall asks, walking closer to you. You go to say something before he smashes his lips to yours. You’re not sure what to do, you don’t even move. You just stand there, frozen. Niall then removes his lips and frowns. “Isn’t that what you want?” he asks, and you slowly nod your head. He smiles and pushes you onto the couch. You just sit there as you watch all the boys undress themselves, except for Zayn, who walks over to you and pulls your t-shirt and jeans off.

He begins kissing down your stomach until he reaches your panties. He backs away a little and pulls them down your legs and throws them at Louis, who catches them. Zayn then starts kissing down your inner thighs until he places his tongue on you. He begins licking and sucking you, sticking his tongue in and out of your entrance, you tilt your head back and grab onto Zayn’s hair, your moans filling the air. You then feel a hand on your shoulder. You look up to see Liam, looking at you. He puts his hand around to your back and unclasps your bra, pulling it off and throwing it on the floor. He overlaps his mouth onto your left breast and starts nibbling and sucking on it. You move your left hand to Liam’s length and begin to stoke it, your other hand still pulling on Zayn’s hair. You’re almost at your end until Zayn takes his mouth off of you and walks back and falls onto the other couch in the room and starts jacking off.

Liam takes his mouth off of your breast and lies down on the couch. You crawl onto him and lower yourself onto his length. You gasp because he is so big and move your hands up and down his toned chest, bouncing up and down. You do this for some time before you feel a pair of hands on your hips. You turn your head and see Niall behind you. Then, without warning he enters you from behind, you scream and dig your nails into Liam’s chest. Both Liam and Niall begin thrusting in and out of you and you look over to see Harry, Zayn and Louis all jacking off before Louis stops and walks over to you. You are then face to face with his dick and you take it in your mouth and begin moving your head back and forth, his hand resting on your head. You moan against Louis’ dick and he moans and rolls his eyes back. Niall thrusts a few more times before he groans and cums inside of you. He pulls out of you and walks away.

Liam continues to thrust into you until you both reach your high at the same time. You take Louis out of your mouth and hop off of Liam. He then gets up and Louis sits down. You go on your hands and knees  before you take him in your mouth again and start to suck him fast. You look over at Harry and he walks over to you. He puts his tip at your entrance before slamming into you. You feel a shot of pain and pleasure, as he didn’t let you adjust. Louis then releases into your mouth and you swallow. Harry thrusts into you some more before pulling out and flipping your over, lying you down on the couch. He spreads your legs a bit more before entering you again. You put your fingers through his curls and pull his face closer to yours. He kisses you and puts his tongue in your mouth. Harry grips onto your thighs tighter before he releases inside of you.

“She isn’t done yet, one of you get over here,” Harry says, getting off of you. Zayn then walks over to you and lies down on the couch, you lay beside him and enters you from behind. Louis walks over and lies next to you also, and massages your breasts. You place your leg of his waist and enters you. You are now wedged between Zayn and Louis who thrust into you at different times. They both start going faster and you moan loudly and look over at the other boys, who are jacking off. Zayn moves his hand down to your clit and starts to rub, still thrusting into you. You become overwhelmed by the amount of pleasure you’re experiencing and you feel your walls tighten. “Wait for me,” Louis says and you try your hardest to hold on. “Okay babe,” Louis shouts and you cum all over his dick as he cums inside of you. Zayn takes another thrust and cums himself. They both pull out of you and you don’t move. You then widen your eyes and realise you just had sex with One Direction. 

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